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Keep Flying
: Horny Punk, Nudist Punk Rock
Hometown: Long Island, New York*

How did you become a band?

Well, Henry Menzel’s old band had just called it a day. He was discussing with me as a friend, songs he had ready to go, but potentially rewriting them a little to try a new sound. Henry had recruited the rest of the original members and I decided I would lay down sax on the songs. I walked out of that studios and I was absolutely in. I’m thankful for our first EP ‘Follow Your Nightmares’.

Where did the name of the band originate from?

It’s actually got a split meaning. Classically in all our hearts the name is what it is. Keep flying, as in get up and go, stay positive. Embrace the bullshit and deal with it. Also, keep flying comes from the Sci-Fi television programme ‘Firefly’. I suggest you watch it.

Can you tell us about the band’s lineup? Who’s who?

Henry Menzel (vocals and guitar)
Charlie Bruno (lead guitar and vocals)
Charles “Chuck” Bernard (bass)
Peter Vriones (drums)
John James Ryan (saxophone)
Ricky Coates (trombone)

Individually, can you tell us what your favourite part about being a band is?

My favourite part with this band, is we can hijack just about anything. We can walk into a room and make it OUR ROOM. We can light it up and put it out. Bless my band mates for being so insane!

Individually, can you tell us what the biggest misconception people have about being in a band?

I would think it’s we are rich or just deadbeats. It’s never in the middle. It’s always either you must be so wealthy, make tons from this or you must be broke and down on your luck. Truly we all work, get our dumb arses in the van and have fun when we can. It’s now about the money, gaining or losing.

Can you give us an overview of the band’s discography?

We have released three EPs as a band so far. In 2016, we released our first EP ‘Follow Your Nightmares’.  In 2017, we released our second EP ‘Walkabout’. In 2019, we released our third EP ‘Unbreakable’. We put out a live 12-inch and 7-inch from our holiday show last December.

What sets you apart from all the other bands in the genre?

I don’t think there is another band out there doing what we are. I’m not sure what genre we really fall in fully. It’s kind of dancing on the lines of a few, which makes us stick out in my opinion.

Can you tell us about the band’s future plans?

We will be releasing our new EP ‘Survival’ on the 18th December. Additionally, we will be releasing a video and song on the 4th December. In my opinion, this is our best work yet. 





  • Wed, July 6, 2022
  • Doors - 6:00 PM
    Concert - 6:30PM
  • Empire Underground
    Albany, New York
  • Shakeout / Theo & The London Outfit / We're History / Under the Den
  • $12.00 adv / $15.00 day of show
  • 16 and over admitted unless accompanied by an adult or guardian.